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A bit unsure

I'm not sure if this is the forum for this, but I have been aggravated over the past couple days mostly because there is no particular forum for feminism. A week or so ago, somebody posted on the main gainesville community, innocently enough, asking about dry ice. I don't know if his question got answered, but his icon certainly fired off a long debate that went around in circles. It's a swastika, modified from the original by the letter F, and the text reads : Feminazis, bringing you hate since 1968. Seeing as how the user is male, a few other members of the community were offended by it.

I am sick to fucking death of the knee jerk reaction to ANY feminist dispute. If one woman speaks one word against subjugation she is labelled histerical, narrow-minded, single-agenda, whiny, stupid, time-wasting, etc.

Is there a specific LJ community for feminists? Is this the place to bitch about this? I'm sorry if this took time out of your day, but I'm sick of not having a voice that's heard by the opposite side.

I guess my point being, if there were a specific gainesville feminist community, would it be well received?
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